"OTSO" LEMPILEIJONAN AITO SUOMILEIJONA@ Hillhaven. Jnr ch, Irish ch,Int ch
" Puppy of the year winner 2016 " International Champion 1st place VDH-Open male Reserve World Winner Male Puppy Stakes Winner 2016 Pup of the year 2016 Qualified KC Stud book number,(Lifetime Crufts qualification) 2nd Junior European show 2016 Irish Junior Champion Winner of Group 2 = 2 Group 2 Placings
" Puppy of the year winner 2016 " Available For stud to approved bitches only frozen & chilled available

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Well we have totally fallen in love with our new young man from Finland, Lempileijonan Aito Suomileijona (blue boy) meaning Real Finnish lion. his pet name will be "Otso" meaning Spirit of the Bear He is Stunning and we are so grateful to Anni Lahti and her beautiful family for allowing us the privilege of having this little man come live with us in the new year. Susu and Sully have certainly outdone them selves in creating these beautiful pups feeling so so happy Sire : Int Ch, Ir Ch, UK Ch, Leokings Lionheart @ Hillhaven Cjw14, Jun Ch Dam: Fin Ch, Est Ch, Lempileijonan YKS Cuklaacilma WW’14 Test results Height 78.00 cms Weight 67 kilos LPN1 & LPN 2 Clear Eyes: Hips:A/A Elbows:0/0
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Show Results Green Star = 21 Best of Breed = 19 Res Green Star = 15 Res Best of Breed = 6 CACIB = 4 Res CACIB = CC MALE = 6 Res CC = 3 2nd Junior European show 2016 Puppy Group 1st 2nd and 3rd Placing Puppy Stakes 1st 2nd & 3rd and 4th placings Irish Champion Irish Junior Champion Group 2, Winner =2 Group 2 Placings Crufts LIFETIME Qualification UK Stud book number 1st place VDH-Open male Reserve male World Winner International Champion

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