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I am Mandy my husband is Willie we have two sons Jason and Sam. We are an animal loving family and have had all sorts of breeds of dogs through the last 20 years, from German shepherds, Rottweiler's, Cocker spaniel cross and our Red setter Copper who passed over Rainbow Bridge recently. Ossie is our first from the Leonberger dog Breed. We fell in love with him when we saw him on our friend's website “Leokings” owned by Jacqui and Tom Stein. They are Leonberger Breeders and also have many Leonberger showdogs. We had many long conversations about the breed with them both and we did some of our own research about all the Leonberger facts such as checking out Leonberger life span, Leonberger clubs, Leonberger activities we made the decision that Leokings Oslo (Ossie) was the one for us. He is our majestic boy and fits in great with our family. Delboy is our second boy; he is one of the Leonberger puppies bred by Leokings using our boy Ossie “Leokings Oslo” after he had all the appropriate tests. Ossie was used with one of their own Bitches Carys “ Ch Robynras Albertina. Delboy has had a showing career since 2011 and has been made up to Junior Champion, Irish Champion, Annual Champion 2013 and Celtic Winner 2014 but at home he is our big pet, he is full of trouble and love. We are totally besotted with the LEONBERGER breed so much so that when we heard “Leokings” had more Leonberger Puppies for sale and the mother was Carys, (same mother as Delboy) and their lovely German import, Yogi “New Hope Vom Lowengarten” we contacted Jacqui and we bought another boy in 2013 Sully Sully is our Teenager; he is just a super boy, friendly, playful and another one full of fun and love. We have been showing Sully all of 2013 as Baby Puppy, Puppy and now Junior. He is doing great being placed in Best in show and then Winning Best Baby Puppy in show. But it didn't stop there; Jacqui asked us would we be interested in using Delboy as a stud dog to their beautiful girl from Poland Enjoy First Class Ginger Heaven “Prada” and after all Delboy's tests came back our answer was of course YES. Then along came number four, Bubba! Bubba is our Baby, he is six months now, great personality very same as the boys all fun and games, so with four of them you can imagine our laugh. He is joining Sully and Delboy in the showing ring this year so hopefully there will be plenty of updates for you to see on all the boys' pages. I hope you enjoy having a look through our website at all our family of Leonberger news Leonbergers pictures and videos. We also have a page on our leonberger Stud dog Service! Enjoy
Past Pets
Ossie Leokings Oslo
Ossie is our very handsome family pet who brings so much pleasure into our family. We have so much fun with this big fella. He sired one litter of healthy pups of which we had pick of litter (Delboy). He is our lion and will always be very special to us. He is a big gentle giant who is ruled by our Jack Russel and is quite happy with that. He has a loving personality and gets on great with all our other pets including our cat. Ossie loves to be in the middle of everything and has to be close to us all the time.



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